Orchard Farm Metropolitan District Board Meeting Updates

District Board Meeting Update

The Orchard Farms Metropolitan District met on September 10th at 9am. This meeting was held virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions. Below is an outline of the decisions that were made and draft minutes will be posted online within 10 business days.

The Board approved the following projects:

  • Removal of all dead plant material on District tracts
  • Replacement of all removed dead plant material on District tracts
  • Removal and replacement of dead trees on District tracts

The following operational activities were discussed and decided on:

  • The Board discussed the location of the port-a-restroom and confirmed leaving the restroom where it is as the requirements to move the restroom would require a plan amendment as well as removal, widening/replacement of the concrete walkway, and was cost-prohibitive at this time.
  • The Board is reviewing options for a welcome packet for new residents to help with resident education on Community information and standards.
  • The Social Committee is working on a potential social distanced Halloween event in the Community with additional details to be provided

If there are any questions, please contact District Manager Celeste Terrell at Celeste.Terrell@claconnect.com or 303-779-5710.